Kyle Anthony Miller
Founder | Art Director

Life is an Adventure. LA--SF--ATX
Loving all things mid century modern and preserving good design I have transferred my life passions into the agency. My work is an honest representation of the attributes I value most and rings true to my vision of design. 

Giovanna Dean
Associate | Project Manager

Coming from LA I was constantly surrounded by design- the good, the bad, and the mis aligned. I knew there could be a place for me at KMC when I started picking apart good logos from bad in my everyday life. As project manager I’m available for anything you may want to know about our process and the studio itself. 

Penny Lane
Director of Mergers and Acquisitions.
With a natural born ability to capture an audience it was clear to see why KMC wanted me on board. I love peanut butter treats and most of the time you can find me fast asleep or chasing squirrels outside the studio. 

An empty seat for you
Senior Brand Designer
Please get in touch if you would like to join the team!